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Welcome to Fojanga Academy, a place of nurturing innovative mindsets and fostering a deep love for learning. Our vision aims for an education beyond boundaries, inspiring young minds to explore interests and achieve their best. With dedicated educators, an inclusive community, and a focus on curiosity and critical thinking, we're excited to join you in creating a joyful educational journey for your child at Fojanga Academy.


Fojanga Academy is the School that offers its students the highest quality education through a dynamic learn-and-play approach, coupled with an activity-based national and international curriculum.


Guiding the Way: Fojanga Academy's Vision, Mission, Values and Core Promise

Fojanga Academy is dedicated to cultivating an innovative mindset in every child, fostering the exploration of their interests, and nurturing a genuine passion for learning. Our aspiration is to become the preferred educational institution for both parents and children, characterized by outstanding teaching and a captivating, inspiring learning environment.
Fojanga Academy's goal is to furnish its students with the utmost quality education using a learn-and-play approach, combined with an activity-oriented national and international curriculum. Our motto, 'Achieve Excellence Together,' perfectly encapsulates our comprehension and beliefs. In collaboration with families, our objective is to craft pertinent learning opportunities for students – both within and beyond the classroom – that aid in the cultivation of knowledge, critical thinking skills, and character essential for success in an increasingly technological world.
To achieve our mission we will work to our core values which are:

Excellence: An unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence in every endeavor.
Respect: The embodiment of courteous and considerate treatment towards all individuals.
Tolerance: Valuing and celebrating cultural and belief diversities.
Responsibility: Acknowledging our collective role in enhancing the world around us.
Cooperation: Harnessing the power of unity through shared efforts.
Love: Nurturing an environment of compassion, kindness, and empathy in all interactions.


At every stage of their educational journey, students of Fojanga Academy will:

    Thrive within a high-quality learning environment aimed at attaining the utmost standards in intellectual and personal growth.
    Embrace challenges to push themselves towards their highest potential.
    Cultivate inquiry, exploratory, and critical thinking skills through the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) approach.

    Foster self-awareness, responsibility, and self-control, thereby exemplifying the highest standards of conduct.
    Aspire to continually enhance the school environment.

Each member of the Fojanga Academy staff will:

    Elevate their skills and capabilities to elevate overall standards.
    Maintain an unwavering focus on student learning.
    Collaborate within a positive and supportive learning community.
    Access meaningful and effective professional development opportunities.
    Consistently track achievements and provide feedback to both students and parents regarding progress.

Parents of Fojanga Academy students will:

    Be esteemed as integral members of the School Community.
    Benefit from an open, frequent, and efficient communication system with the school, encompassing school-related information, events, activities, and their children's academic advancement.
    Receive assistance in supporting their children's educational journey from home.
    Be encouraged to actively engage in the school's vibrant community life.

Fojanga Academy will actively engage with its broader community by:

    Showcasing the school's accomplishments to all stakeholders.
    Participating in local, national, and international initiatives.
    Sustaining and cultivating beneficial connections with local, regional, and international institutions as well as community enterprises.


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