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Mission and Vision

We want our children to grow into critical thinkers and creative learners who are resilient in the face of a challenging world and have the ambition to reach their maximum potential as responsible global citizens.

We want Fojanga Academy to be the school of choice for parents and carers, where teaching is excellent and learning experience is fun and inspiring for children.

Our mission is to educate for a changing world through an inquiry and activity based learning approach that promote academic excellence, intercultural mindedness and inspires a growing passion for learning.

To fulfill our mission and reach our vision, we will

  • Work together to build Safe and nurturing environment for each child.
  • With High quality learning experience
  • Shaping Inquisitive and Creative children (Child centered and activity based curriculum including STEAM approach( Science, Technology, Art and Mathematic)
  • Parental engagement: Provide opportunities for family to be actively involved in the daily education and social growth of the Fojanga Academy community.
  • Cultivate and promote a love for learning
  • Play and learn approach:

(Promote independence and a love for learning by creating lessons that are exciting, authentic, engaging, and relevant the students)

  • Open communication:

(Communicating openly while respecting confidentiality of each child).

  • Continuous training of teachers(capacity building of teaching staff)
  • Appreciation of each child need
  • Considering and appreciating each child and family diversity

The Fojanga Academy motto “Achieving Excellence Together” is linked to our graduate profile. Successful graduates of FOJANGA ACADEMY are:

  • educationally prepared for the future;
  • engaged and responsible lifelong learners;
  • literate and numerate;
  • able to problem solve and think critically and creatively;
  • skilled in managing relationships;
  • respectful to self, others and the environment;
  • kind, caring and compassionate;
  • resilient and adaptable;
  • confident, happy and active local and global citizens.